Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding your sights for Glocks, what is the difference between the Classic and Operator style (and difference between Pro and Pro Operator)?

  1. Front sight on Classic is green tritium and a white outline, .140" wide. The Operator front is the same but .125" wide.
  2. The rear sights are identical except the Classic has white outlines around the tritium; the Operator has black outlines (not seen) around the tritium dots.
  3. Same difference in regards to the AmeriGlo Pro series and the Pro Operator series.

What is the difference between the Classic and Pro (and difference between Operator and Pro Operator) sights for Glocks?

  1. The Classic and Pro Series both use a .140" wide front (item GL-112)
  2. The Operator and Pro Operator both use a .125" wide front (item GL-112T)
  3. The Pro and Pro Operator rear sight notch is .180" wide
  4. Classic and Operator rear sight notch is .150" wide
  5. The Pro and Pro Operator rear is longer, extending back toward the end of the slide
  6. The Pro and Pro Operator rear face is undercut a few degrees, eliminating glare
  7. The Classic and Operator rear sight is better suited for catching on a belt to rack slide (one hand)
  8. All models discussed in this Answer are installed using the GTool2 (or a factory sight tool)

Who should buy the ghost ring style sight?

If you shoot well with the standard post & notch sights, we suggest you stick to those. If for some reason you are no longer shooting effectively with that style, you may see improvement switching to the ghost ring version. Also, we have several police team using the ghost ring sight.

Do you export to Canada or any other country?

No. Contact us by email and we may be able to refer you to a business set up to export.

AmeriGlo Sights

AmeriGlo sights are machined from US-made bar stock steels and assembled using Swiss-made tritium light sources.  We specialize in iron sights for small arms, designing our own sights and working with OEM gun companies.  AmeriGlo sights are used worldwide by law enforcement, military, defense-minded free citizens, and recreational shooters. Items on this site may be ITAR Controlled.  No exports, No foreign sales, No non-USA issued credit cards, No shipments to freight forwarders