Pistol SightsGlockNight Sights Front Sights

GL-112 More detailsAll Glock Models (standard stock height)0.1650.140N/AGREEN $55.00
GL-112-180 More detailsAll Glock Models0.1800.125N/AGREEN $55.00
GL-112-200 More detailsAll Glock Models0.2000.125N/AGREEN $55.00
GL-112-220 More detailsAll Glock Models0.2200.125N/AGREEN $55.00
GL-112-240 More detailsAll Glock Models0.2400.125N/AGREEN $55.00
GL-112-260All Glock Models0.2600.125N/AGREEN $55.00
GL-112-280 More detailsAll Glock Models0.2800.125N/AGREEN $55.00
GL-112-300 More detailsAll Glock Models0.3000.125N/AGREEN $55.00
GL-112-315 More detailsAll Glock Models0.3150.125N/AGREEN $55.00
GL-112-320 More detailsAll Glock Models0.3200.125N/AGREEN $55.00
GL-112-350 More details

Tritum front night sight for Glock.  .350” height x .125” width. green with white outline

All Glock models.350".125"tritiumGREEN $55.00
GL-112T More detailsAll Glock Models (standard stock height)0.1650.125N/AGREEN $55.00Sold Out
GL-212-165-120 More details

NEW item as of Oct 2013.  Our thinnest tritium front sight for Glock.  .165” H x .125” W.  Small tritium dot with thin lime colored painted outline

All Glock.165".125"Thin TritiumGREEN $65.00
GL-212-165-120-Q More details

for all Glock models 17-42.  .165” height x .125” wide.  Green mini-tritium dot center with LimeGreen photoluminescent squared outline.  Front sight of the T-CAP set.

Glock 17-42.165".125"TCAP FrontGREEN $65.00
GL-212-180-OR-CN/A0.180"0.140"Pro gloORANGE / OUTLINE / GREEN / TRITIUM $60.00

AmeriGlo Sights

AmeriGlo sights are machined from US-made bar stock steels and assembled using Swiss-made tritium light sources.  We specialize in iron sights for small arms, designing our own sights and working with OEM gun companies.  AmeriGlo sights are used worldwide by law enforcement, military, defense-minded free citizens, and recreational shooters. Items on this site may be ITAR Controlled.  No exports, No foreign sales, No non-USA issued credit cards, No shipments to freight forwarders